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Nearly 8 million Americans have experienced gambling-related harm that disrupts their daily lives.

Evive empowers you to reduce these negative effects and navigate a healthier relationship with gambling.

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Behavioral Tracking

Better understand your own gambling behavior

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Knowledge that enables you to build a life free from gambling harm.


Custom Toolkit

Manage an urge, maintain your cool, and access the resources you need, all at the touch of a button.


Private Community

Anonymously connect with other gamble-free or mindful gambling friends.

QUIT Gambling

BREAK FREE from the grip of gambling harm.

Urge + Mood Tracking to Increase Self Awareness

Education for Lasting Behavior Change

A Supportive Community to Connect with Others with Shared Experience

Resources to Recover from Gambling Harm

coming soon reduce gambling

REDUCE Gambling

CHANGE how gambling shows up in  lives and PREVENT yourself from gambling harm.

Activity Tracking to Increase Self Awareness & Accountability

Education for Mindful Engagement

A Supportive Community to Connect with Other Like-Minded Individuals

Resources to Prevent Gambling Harm

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