At Evive, our mission is to revolutionize how to support those seeking a healthier relationship with gambling. We know this is an individual journey, but we’re not alone. That is why Evive connects you with a supportive community of like-minded individuals looking to reduce the negative effects of gambling and provides the best in-class resources using technology-driven solutions. Without any pressure or judgement, Evive gives you the tools to develop a more mindful and intentional relationship with gambling to enhance your life.



Our approach marries expertise in the technology industry with expertise in the fields of safer gambling and problem gambling recovery. Our CEO Sam DeMello has extensive experience growing early stage-startups, and his 15 years of deep personal experience as an individual struggling with problem gambling helps him understand the challenges of recovering from gambling harm, and finding help that resonates with a newer generation of gamblers


Complimenting Sam’s lived experience, Dr. Jeff Marotta brings content expertise from an academic, public health, and clinical perspective with over 25 years as a leading responsible gambling and problem gambling expert.


Translating this content knowledge into an engaging mobile application is made possible by our other team members with expertise in mobile app development, instructional design, and user experience.


Sam DeMello

Founder & CEO

Experienced early-stage startup builder. In recovery from problem gambling.

Jeff Marotta, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Internationally recognized problem gambling and responsible gaming expert.


Phil Green

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced product and operations leader. Builder of SaaS services, mobile apps, and startups.


Jake Hency

Head of Community

Experienced early-stage startup builder. Learning and Development expert


I am 36 years old and have struggled with problem gambling since my teens. My relationship with gambling came very close to ruining my life, and has cost me much more than the money I’ve lost. It has cost me time, opportunities, and relationships that I will never be able to recover. For many years, it cost me my health, both physical and mental. It took a huge toll on my self-esteem and led to feelings of shame, isolation, and hopelessness.


It took me many years to understand the impact that gambling was having on my life. Once I realized the negative impact my behavior was having, I tried and repeatedly failed to quit gambling and live a gamble-free life. I attended Gambler’s Anonymous meetings. I engaged in direct Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with specialists. I read every self-help book I could get my hands on. I found bits and pieces that were effective in each of these places, but nothing worked for me long-term. It took so much time and effort and no matter what I did, I inevitably returned to gambling. All of these failed attempts only confirmed for me that I was weak-willed, undisciplined, and destined to remain an unhappy gambler for the rest of my life.


Throughout this time, I told none of my family or friends what I was going through. I figured that if I got myself into this mess, I should be able to get myself out of it. I built a successful career. I made new friends. I developed romantic relationships. I lived what appeared to be a happy and healthy life to those around me. The contrast between the image I was portraying externally, and the reality of how I felt inside only furthered my isolation, and drove me deeper into my addiction.


Thankfully, through years of painful trial and error, and more failures than even I can believe, I succeeded in finally quitting gambling, and maintaining a gambling-free life. In retrospect, I can define my experience into 5 key stages:


I reflected on and accepted the impact gambling was having on my life; physically, mentally, and emotionally.


I reflected on what was driving me to gamble in the first place, and developed effective tools to replace gambling in my life and manage my urges.


I created an actionable plan to quit gambling, implemented it step-by-step, and tracked my progress.


I implemented barriers, both high-tech and low-tech to keep me gamble-free


I broke my isolation, and opened up about my struggles to my loved ones and others with shared lived experience.


It was all very difficult, time-consuming, costly, and painful.


This experience left me feeling convinced that it shouldn’t be this difficult. There are millions of people around the world experiencing gambling harm, most in silence. If technology can be used to make gambling more accessible, engaging, and effective, shouldn’t that same technology be able deliver help to those who are experiencing harm in a more accessible, engaging, and effective manner? Shouldn’t that technology be able to prevent more people from experiencing gambling harm in the first place?


I think the answer is yes, it can.


That is why I founded Evive, to empower the millions of people around the world to establish a healthier relationship with gambling. Whether your goal is to quit gambling completely, reduce the negative impact gambling is having on your life, or prevent gambling harm before it starts, Evive is for you.

Sam DeMello

Founder & CEO