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Gambling harm can be devastating to individuals and destructive to communities.  

We are dedicated to partnering with organizations to offer personalized, discreet support that is evidence-based and scalable.


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Customized Technology-Driven Solutions

Evive offers personalized plans tailored to the unique needs of each user. This empowers our partners to engage new and non-traditional gamblers who are underrepresented in traditional help line use or in-person treatment.


Improved Access & Engagement

Our discreet mobile application helps connect individuals directly with the support they need. This aligns with the evolving needs of today's population, particularly newer generations accustomed to discreet and convenient digital tools.


Holistic Approach

Evive offers a comprehensive approach to combating gambling harm. Our platform addresses not only the financial aspects but also the physical, emotional, and social well-being of our users, ensuring a more effective and sustainable recovery.


Community Support

We understand the power of community in overcoming gambling harm. Our platform facilitates direct connections among users, creating a supportive network of individuals with shared experiences and goals.


Validation and Accuracy

We prioritize the delivery of accurate and validated information, recognizing the challenge individuals face in finding trustworthy resources for change. This commitment ensures that users receive reliable guidance throughout their journey.


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